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SEWA Jobs– Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority Careers

Are you looking for a great government job in a remarkable department? If that is true, then you should go for SEWA Jobs. They are offering several professional vacancies for talented, energetic, responsible, disciplined and sincere employees. Currently, you can apply for a walk-in-interview as well in Sharjah. If you are interested to know more about this company, then please read the details below.'

About Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority

SEWA is a private company for Electricity & Water Resources, later it was owned by Sharjah’s Government. SEWA has witnessed consecutive huge development since its birth. After its industrial, civilization and economic, development in Sharjah, Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al-Qassimi, orders for the establishment of  SEWA as administratively and financially independent entity, to generate and distribute water, natural gas and electricity to the nationals to Sharjah’s residents. They are working to improve their quality of services to the customers by using state of the art technologies. Their HR policy offers its employees to get more qualification, training and to improve the skill set to qualify for the promotion.

List of Available Positions (Update)

  • Information Technology Dept. Sharjah
  • Human Resources Dept. Sharjah
  • Secretary Dept. Sharjah
  • Purchase Dept. Sharjah
  • Marketing Dept. Sharjah
  • Training Dept. Sharjah
  • Security & Safety Dept. Sharjah
  • Payroll Dept. Sharjah
  • Reception Dept. Sharjah
  • Passports Dept. Sharjah
  • Finance & Accounting Dept. Sharjah
  • Zulal Factory Dept. Sharjah
  • Wasit Power Station Dept. Sharjah
  • Layyah Power Station Dept. Sharjah
  • Hamryah Power Station Dept. Sharjah
  • Audit & Internal Control Dept. Sharjah
  • Chairman’s Executive Office Dept. Sharjah
  • Programs Progress Dept. Sharjah
  • Motivation Dept. Sharjah
  • Control & Monitoring Dept. Sharjah
  • Development Dept. Sharjah
  • Communications Dept. Sharjah
  • Stores Dept. Sharjah
  • Electricity Planning Dept. Sharjah
  • Projects Dept. Sharjah
  • Generation & Desalination Dept. Sharjah
  • Transport Dept. Sharjah
  • Networks Study Dept. Sharjah
  • Electricity Services Dept. Sharjah
  • Technical Maintenance Dept. Sharjah
  • Water Dept. Sharjah
  • Street Lighting Dept. Sharjah
  • Natural Gas Dept. Sharjah
  • Onservation Dept. Sharjah
  • Customer Care Dept. Sharjah
  • Electricity & Water Emergency Dept. Sharjah
  • Customer Care Dept. Sharjah
  • Mutual Services Dept. Sharjah

Salary and Benefits

SEWA is one of the best firms in UAE which is providing good benefits to their employees. Take a look at some of them.
  • Normal Job Security
  • Work and Life Balance
  • Better Management
  • Average Pay Scale
  • Nice Cultural Values
  • Use of Technological Advancements

How to Apply for SEWA Jobs?

If you found some interested while reading about this company, then hit the button below “Submit CV Online” to apply for SEWA Jobs and attach your resume as well as a convincing cover letter. Make sure that employers do not have a lot of time generally to read all the applications so your attachment must be very attractive and eye-catching. You should write it yourself to describe yourself better to the employer professionally in the profile/summary/introduction section.