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RTA Careers 2022 Govt Jobs

Having a lack of knowledge might force you to think that getting RTA jobs as a fresher seems not more than just a joke. But to be very honest, it’s not a joke or a false statement which can be proved by visiting RTA Careers page. Every company whether small or big offers to hire for the position of fresh graduate trainee program or an internship where one can pursue a career by doing full efforts.

RTA Careers 2022 Govt Jobs

Detailed Information About Roads & Transport Authority

RTA abbreviation for Roads and Transport Authority, is the major independent company owned by the government of Dubai. It started with the mission of developing and integrating a world class transportation system in the entire Dubai. RTA also built an interactive mobile based application for providing an advanced level of transport system where one can book and track a Dubai taxi at just fingertips and passengers are able to interact with the driver. RTA had planned and executed so many traffic projects in the last few years and all of them were successfully done.

RTA Often Announce Jobs For Freshers & Internship

RTA has very fewer numbers of vacancies for fresh graduates and internees which can be seen at RTA jobs page once in 6 months. On the other side, RTA has a wide range of vacancies in the field of driving where one can apply either for Taxi Driver, Bus Driver or School Bus Driver.

How To Apply For RTA Careers?

RTA provides lucrative pay and benefits to their valued employees. We will give you the chance to enhance your career and in return you will have to prove us to be an asset of the company through your dedication towards the work. If you are skilled and passionate individuals and having a burning desire to achieve something then we would encourage you to join us at RTA careers by visiting the following link below. Wishing you a very best of luck! 🙂

List Of Vacant Positions (New Updates)

  • Chief Specialist – Corporate Planning Dubai View & Apply
  • Chief Egr. – Corporate HSE Audit (UAE National) Dubai View & Apply
  • Chief Analyst – Org. Structures & Corporate Doc. Dubai View & Apply
  • Chief Analyst – Manpower Planning Dubai View & Apply
  • Chief Specialist – Bus Depots Dubai View & Apply
  • Buses Technical Sup. Systems Technical Operator Dubai View & Apply
  • Engineer – Bus Depots Dubai View & Apply
  • Chief Specialist – Trans. Policies & Planning Dubai View & Apply
  • Chief Technical Supervisor – Bus Stations Dubai View & Apply
  • Driving Licenses & Permits Issuance Officer Dubai View & Apply
  • Traffic Engineering Engineer Dubai View & Apply
  • Chief Officer – Licensing Systems Support Dubai View & Apply
  • Senior Controller – Bus Depots Dubai View & Apply
  • Chief Specialist – Future Envisioning & Mobility Mgmt Dubai View & Apply
  • Chief Specialist – Crisis Mgmt & Business Continuity Dubai View & Apply